Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CU4CU License NOW available...

WD_CU4CU License

This is a one time purchase for a lifetime CU4CU license to use all my CU templates and/or script(s) to create other CU items.
Once you purchase you will get a zip to download that contains a text file you have to fill with your info and email to me.Then I will email you the License with your license number and a image you have to post on your blog/site or your store front.
You May:
-Use my Templates and script(s)to create other CU and of course PU items-All scripts and templates must be merged and altered for resale a commercial use product. They cannot be sold in their layered form.-Have fun with them
You May Not:-Create other CU4CU items. The items you make can only be sold as commercial use or personal use- Use any elements to create tubes or brushes- make my scripts into templates
Thanks so much for your interest in my products.

Look for it today in the CU4CU License category.

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